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Number of Place Bet Triggers

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered by the number of Place Bet rules that have already triggered into the market using Automation. It can be configured to look at the market as a whole or just the current selection specified by the rule.
Notes: Using 'Place Back Bet' or 'Place Lay Bet' will increase the count by one for the selection and the market.
Using 'Back All Selections' or 'Lay All Selections' will increase the count by one for each selection and the count for the market will increase by the number of selections in the market.
Using 'Close Trade On Selection', 'Close Trade On Selection With Greening', or 'Green All Selections' will not increase the count.
Tip: Used in conjunction with the 'Applies to selection: ANY selection' option on the General page, this is a handy way to allow bets on multiple selections but only one per selection.  e.g. If you wanted to lay up to three runners, one bet on each: The condition would be set so that the rule would only trigger if 'the number of place bet rules triggered on the selection is less than 1' and on the General page, the 'Allow rule to trigger up to x times' would be set to 3.