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Refreshing the market odds

Here by ticking the 'Refresh Every' you can select how fast you want to Bet Angel to refresh and update the market odds and information.
If you are 'polling' the information this determines how often Bet Angel checks Betfair’s servers for the most up to date market data, the fastest refresh possible is 200ms.
If you are 'streaming' the information, prices and bet changes are pushed to Bet Angel as soon as they happen, these can then be updated on your screen as fast as every 20ms 
There is no perfect or recommended refresh period. If you refresh too quickly then the market can seem a little more erratic and you may find yourself being too reactive.  Just modify the setting and find a refresh rate that feels comfortable for the type of market and your style of trading.
TIP; Guardian uses its own independent 'Refresh' rate separate to the one used here so can be set to a different 'Refresh Rate'. If you are running advanced automation we recommend always setting the fastest possible rate of 20ms within Guardian