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Placing basic bets or trades using the Bet Angel Spreadsheet

In order to clarify how to issue commands from Excel we will isolate a selection on the spread sheet and give you a step by step guide to how to initiate commands from the spreadsheet. It may be helpful for you it disconnect Bet Angel from the spreadsheet while you are editing or experimenting. This will stop you firing in positions automatically without realising it!
Here you can see we are looking at a horse called ‘’Tiradito’. It is currently trading at 3.65 to back and 3.75 to lay.
At its most basic level you can fill in the rules manually to initiate a position. You simply enter the odds, the stake you require and what you would like to do: -
This isn’t a particularly effective use of Excel though. Ideally you want to automate some or all of the commands and functions. Fortunately you are able to enter traditional spreadsheet commands via the Bet Angel spreadsheet that will replicate functions you would perform manually or use similar commands to make decisions on your behalf and trade away automatically.
In the following example, rather than type the odds we have used an Excel command to pull in the odds data automatically. In this example we have typed ‘=G9’ in the ‘Odds’ column and this achieves the same result at if we had typed in odds of 3.65 into the same cell. The advantage now is that if the price changes from ‘3.65’ the Odds value in cell M9 changes automatically.