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Placing triggered bets or trades using the Bet Angel Spreadsheet

Let us take our use of the spreadsheet forward a step and get Bet Angel to automatically seek a price target and fire a bet into the market when that price target is breached.
Excel contains many ‘logical’ commands that can be used to decide the contents of a cell. One of the simplest commands to use and understand is the ‘IF’ command. You can see in the next example we have created an ‘IF’ command.
If you enter this command into the spreadsheet in exactly the same manner you see here, then press enter something curious happens, nothing. Let me explain why.
If we break this command down to plain English it is saying the following. “If cell reference G9 is higher than 4 then display the word BACK. If it is not higher than 9 then display nothing. At the moment cell reference G9 equals the value 3.65 so it is displaying nothing; your cell will be empty. Click on the cell however and press F2 and your formula will re-appear for you to edit.
If you now connect Bet Angel to the spreadsheet, your spreadsheet will now sit their patiently waiting for the odds on “Tiradito” to go higher than 4, as soon as that happens the word “BACK” appears magically in the bet rules area and Bet Angel will fire an order into the market by placing a back order at 4 with a stake of 10.00 in your local currency.
If you wish you could replace the word “BACK” with “LAY” it would lay instead of backing automatically. But you could also make the stake, the odds in fact you could make anything conditional on anything else. While there is no need, in the following example we have asked Bet Angel to vary the amount we will stake based upon the price it sees in the market.
In this example what we are saying is “If the back odds (in cell G9) are higher or equal to 5.0 then change the stake value to 5, else the value should be 10”
Hopefully by now you will be getting an understanding of just how powerful this tool is. But the fact is that all these functions are at the very simple end of what is fully possible with this Bet Angel function.