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Relative Odds

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered by how the price of its selection compares to the price of another selection.
A simple example would be to test if the selection is lower in price than the first selection in the market. In the screenshot below the condition is set so that the rule will only trigger if the Back price is at least 15 ticks less than the back price of the selection in Row 1 (Betfair order). The selection in Row 1 would have been the favourite when betfair last sorted their market, so this condition would help indicate that our selection is currently more favoured than the one in Row 1.
There are various options for the selections price comparison as shown below: Back price, Lay price, Last traded price, Projected SP, Actual SP and Servant Context Price.
The comparison can be 'less than', 'greater than' or 'equal to' the next part of the condition.
Then choose which price to compare against on the other selection.
And then choose the selection itself. either: by name, by row, by position etc.
An explanation of the 'by nomination' option is covered in Letting Guardian handle Manual selections and include Automation