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Applying rules to selections individually chosen via the Guardian market list

The essence of this feature is that you can create a 'generic rule' then apply that to an individually nominated selection within a market. This means that when you create the rule, you don't need to specify a selection within the rule itself. You can select it later once you've studied the market. You no longer have to use generic methods to pick a runner in the rule (such as favourite, selection in row 2, first runner to trade under 2.0 etc); you can nominate it yourself from Guardian when the opportunity arises.
For this next detailed example let's create a rule that we can apply to any short priced horse that we believe is looking weak and is likely to struggle in the race.
Lay in running on a drifting price
Here we are combining the ability of automation to compare prices and quickly place a bet, with our own ability to watch the runners before the race and pick a suitable candidate to lay. We are looking to lay our nominated runner if it drifts in running. The plan is simple, if we suspect a horse is weak and the price drifts in-play then it meets our criteria for a lay bet. We know that a horse can drift and still win the race, but this is the strategy that we wish to test and the Nominated Selection capability makes this very straightforward to execute.
Our rule and how we set it up in Guardian
First we open Guardian by clicking on the icon and highlighting our chosen market. We then click on "Create new rules file for the selected market", as shown in the screenshot below, to show the Automation Rules Editor.
Now we create the rule as per the screenshot below.
You can see how I have added a name, rule type and time for the rule.
1. Rule name: Lay drifting fav in running
2. Rule type: Place Lay bet
3. The time is set for In-play. You will note it is allowed to triggers10 seconds after the market turns in-play as this allows the market to settle which can prevent false triggers. It also allows the SP to be created which can subsequently be used in a rule.
4. The 12 minutes is used because it should cover most horse races. In football you can extend this time as you can in cricket, tennis, etc.
This is basically the same process shown in Creating the automation rule but we now have the ability to apply the rule to the selection nominated in the Guardian Market List; Guardian Nominated Selection 1 and 2.
These options allow us to use our selected horse in Guardian as the nomination. This can be used for any selection in any sport: cricket, rugby, football, tennis etc. We don't create the rule with a specific selection in mind, we are just creating a general purpose rule that can be deployed as required.
I have selected Best Market price but you can stipulate an exact price if you wish. The stake is a simple fixed amount of £10 which again can be modified as required. We will not use Global Settings in this example but you can include them in rules if you choose.
There will be a couple of conditions in this example, the first is shown below
Our strategy is based around the in-play market so we set the condition to check that 'The market is in-play'
Next we will look at the price change and this will determine if Bet Angel will place our bet or not.
I have set a Relative Odds condition to check if the price of the selection is drifting. I have stipulated the back price of my nominated selection must be greater than its Actual SP +1.0 odds. So if I applied this to a selection with an Actual SP of 1.66 the rule will only trigger if the in running back price exceeded 2.66
Now I name the rules file and save it, ready for use in Guardian.
Applying rules to selections individually chosen via the Guardian market list
In the following image, I have applied the rule to the 16:35 race and selected the runner 'Swiss Affair' by using the 'Automation Nominated Selection 1' column., but I could easily switch to another runner if that grabs my attention.
If I identify another market and selection on which I wish to use the rule, then that is quick to setup too (screenshot below)
It does not have to be a favourite, you can apply the same rule to another horse with just a couple of clicks. For instance, as soon as I select Dinaria, the rule will be configured to look for an in-play drift on that horse. If it started with a SP of 4.5, then the rule would trigger if the price exceeded 5.5.
This is a very powerful feature. You can prepare a set of rule files well in advance and with a few clicks apply any strategy to any selection all from within Guardian.  The second column of 'Automation Nominated Selection 2' even allows you to nominate a second selection for the rules to use; either to place bets upon or just to use as a comparison against the primary target.