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Reverse Greening

When closing a position or greening up instead of taking the current odds available you can instead instruct Bet Angel to offer your bet to the market at the current best reverse price, this is known as 'Reverse Greening'.
For example, if you open a trade with a lay bet to then want to close the trade or green up in the regular way a back bet would be placed by Bet Angel to 'Take' the current best price available, in the image below this would be at odds of 1.53
Where as if you were to use 'Reverse Greening' the back bet would instead be 'offered' to the market by being placed at odds of 1.57 and be queued behind the £541 already waiting to be matched at these odds.
If matched this would mean that instead of making £12.71 profit you would of increased your profit for this trade and made £16.67
This technique is best used on markets were the are large gaps between the back and lay prices, by offering rather than taking a price it can be a good way of squeezing some extra profits out of each trade. like the closing stages of the In-running UK horse racing markets.
Warning; The downside of using 'Reverse Greening' and offering any bet to the market is the chances of it being matched are greatly reduced so it does not suit every situation so you need to consider at what times it best used over regular greening.
For this reason its only possible to use 'Reverse Greening' when trading manually by assigning a keyboard short cut to do the task, see this section of the user guide for further details on the keyboard short cut editor
It can also be added to and used as part of an Advanced Automation file, for further details on this see the advanced automation section of the user guide.
For a detailed example of using Reverse Greening please see this thread from our forum