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Rule Trigger Times

All rules in Bet Angel have a start and end time that you must define; we refer to this as the 'time window' for the rule.
This 'time window' can be specified in terms of a fixed date & time (based on your PC's clock), or be relative to the advertised start time of an event, or be based on the time since Bet Angel was aware that the market was in-play. 
Please be aware Bet Angel uses the time on your PC's clock for comparison so always ensure it is updated and correct.
A rule can only trigger if the time now falls inside your defined time window and then only if your rule's conditions are met.
It is important that you consider how frequently each market's prices will be refreshed and set the time window accordingly.  There is no point in having a two second time window if the market is only being refreshed once every ten seconds as that risks the rule from never triggering at all.  For more information, read about market updates and Guardian's refresh optimisations.
Care should also be taken when overlapping time windows.  If you plan to automate betting for ten minutes before the start of an event and then Green All Selections, then ensure that the betting time window has finished before the Green All Selections starts. 
e.g. Place back and lay bets from '00:10:00 before event start time' to '00:00:15 before event start time'
and then Green All Selections from '00:00:10 before event start time' to '00:00:00 before event start time'