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Rule Triggers & Arm Times

These options allow you to configure the number of times a rule can trigger and at what rate it will rearm after each trigger (subject to any Conditions you have set being satisfied).
In the first image the rule can trigger up to 100 times, once it has triggered the rule will rearm after 5 seconds and be ready to trigger again subject to the conditions being satisfied.
In the following image the rule is 'Always Armed' and can trigger an unlimited amount of time and will rearm upon every refresh, so this rule would begin triggering as soon as it was applied to a market in Guardian and it was refreshed.
These settings are ideal if you are setting Signals and Stored Values or populating Historical Stored Values with data for advanced charts, or to display values on the Ladder or One-Click trading screens.
Whenever creating new or editing existing rules always ensure you test your rules when in Practice Mode first to ensure they are triggering exactly as you want them to.