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Searching Markets

When the 'Market Selection' window opens you will see at the top it contains four tabs (Select, Search, Quick Picks, Settings) and a 'Filter' pick list. Regardless of the market types you're most interested in the following few pages will show the various options and ways you have of searching for those markets in the most efficient and quickest way.
Select Tab
This will display the markets in a similar you see on the Betfair website, to open a market from here navigate through the tree clicking the appropriate event then market required.
In the below left image I've selected 'Horse Racing - Today's Card', in the image below right you'll see the navigation tree has then expanded to list all of today's racing markets in order of start time, clicking one of these will then open that market (see further down this page on ways of opening markets).
Search Tab
Rather than clicking through the navigation tree to find the market/s you want you may wish to 'Search' for specific events, market types, a team or players name etc.  Any text that appears in the market tree hierarchy can be searched upon.
Choose the 'Search' tab and from here you will be able to type in what you are looking for.  We have included a few commonly used search strings as presets which you can use or edit to refine further.
Below I've selected the preset search string 'Tennis AND Match Odds' and added the text 'AND Womens' to the end, after clicking search this has now returned only the women's match odds tennis markets.  Select a match and press 'Switch To Market' to open the market in the main trading screen.
Quick Picks & Settings Tabs
For racing traders we have included the 'Quick Picks' tab as a fast and easy way of seeing the Horse and Greyhound Racing markets, exactly which racing markets you see displayed in the 'Quick Picks' can be defined using the settings tab.
In the settings image below right I've ticked Horse Racing 'UK' & 'Win Markets' only, when the quick picks tab is now selected in the image below left it is displaying ONLY those markets.

Toolbar Buttons

Guardian (G+)
At the top of the market selection window is the button. If you have clicked on and highlighted a market then this icon it will be added to Bet Angel Guardian for multi-market, monitoring or to run automation.
To learn more about this please see the later section of this guide detailing how to use the multi-market trading facility of Bet Angel Guardian.
Refreshing for New Markets
You also have a ‘Refresh’ option . If you are trading successively timed markets such as horse racing you may want to periodically press the refresh button to purge the market selection screen of any old markets. We do not automatically update the markets each time you use it, this would slow down your market selection. Make sure you refresh the screen occasionally to keep the markets ‘tidy’.