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Opening Markets

When you have found the market you want to open you can either select the market and click the 'Switch to Market' button located at the bottom of the window and this open that market on to the “One-click” betting screen - this screen is similar to the main Betfair screen that you would normally use.
Alternatively you can open a market by right clicking on it - when you do this a pop-up window will then appear listing several options for you, the first two allow you to choose if you want to display the market on either the main One-click or the Ladder screen.
The following two options will allow you to display the market in a New floating window, this is useful if you want to trade or view more than one market at a time, please see the following pages of this guide for more details on opening multiple markets on your One-Click and Ladder screens.
The next option allows you to display the market in a Quick Bet ticket, which is useful if you don't want to open it to a full trading screen and instead just want to place a quick bet.
The final option will open a floating 'Unmatched Bets' window for that market.