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Selecting Advanced Charts

To activate the charting function simply click on the chart graphic on the far left of a selection. On other screens, where this function is available, click on the appropriate icon on the screen.
Clicking on the icon will bring up a chart with default settings. You can click on additional icons and bring up multiple charts on different selections and display all these charts at the same time. Each chart windows can be pinned to the top of your current display and resized to suit your trading style.
When you first use the advanced charting you will be defaulted to the first chart in the list. By clicking the drop down menu you can select other pre-defined chart setting options. You can switch to different charts at any time by selecting the drop down menu option and selecting a new chart setting.
Bet Angel stores information on the market as soon as you switch to it. If you switch between selections in the market Bet Angel will have automatically started collecting information on those selections as well. If you want Bet Angel to collect data over much longer time periods you should populate Bet Angel’s “Guardian” feature with the markets you are interested in. Make sure you pay attention to the refresh rate you have set in Guardian as this will ultimately determine the rate at which it is collecting data. For example, if you have ten markets available in Guardian and set it to refresh at 1 second, each market will be on a ten second cycle. This means it will collect data to populate the chart every ten seconds. If you want it to collect data faster, simply speed up Guardian.