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Staking & Liability

We can set a default stake and maximum liability in Bet Angel. It is a good idea when starting out to set these low. Please be aware that if you are trying to trade and positions are not acting as expected, for example offsetting positions are not firing. Then you may have set your maximum liability setting too low and Bet Angel will not be able to complete your counter position.
It is important to note that these settings only apply to your initial bet rather than any subsequent bet triggered by your initial trade or by any automatic features in Bet Angel. Therefore if you used offsetting to put two orders into the market these settings will only apply to your initial order.
NOTE: Your Betfair account profile also contains a liability setting. If your bets are being rejected and the Bet Angel liability setting is above the level then check your Betfair account settings.
Staking Interface
This option lets you chose between the old 'Auto Stake' now a Legacy or the newer 'Staking Methods' - the option chosen appears at the far right on the main Bet Angel banner.
Percentage Offsetting
When offsetting by percentages this calculates percentages based on the price and also the (price – 1.0)
Stop Loss Staking
Configurable staking method for your Stop Loss when using one of the Global Settings 'offset with greening' options. You can choose whether to use the offset, trigger or placement price when calculating the stop loss stake.