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Certain aspects of the way Bet Angel behaves when placing a bet can be controlled here.
When you first install Bet Angel and start betting, you will see a box appear on the screen with details of the bet, your liability on the bet and asking you to confirm that you wish to place the bet.
Confirm Bet Setting
Once you are comfortable with how Bet Angel places bets you can turn this off by un-ticking ‘Show a bet confirmation message when placing a bet’
Guardian Markets Sidebar
When ticked any search/filter settings on these pages will be saved as part of your main Bet Angel Settings Profile
Saved Bets Settings
When using the saved bets tab or feature to resubmit bets in markets where Betfair’s bet persistence options (TakeSP, Keep Bet) are not suitable, you can choose to have Bet Angel wait a period before resubmitting the bets into the market once it is turned in play. This allows the market to reform correctly such as after a goal is scored in soccer.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Bet Angel allows many of its features to be mapped to keyboard shortcuts; those shortcuts can then be saved to a named profile. 
You can quickly switch from one shortcuts profile to another by using the 'Active Profile' picklist in the Settings Window.  For instance you may wish to create a different profile for each type of sport you trade, or have different profiles for different staking levels.
You can customize over 60 keyboard shortcut actions covering features such as: Bet Angel screen display, bet modification & cancellation, trade closure & greening, staking, ladder & one-click settings, layout & settings profile changes.
To get started start click on 'Create a New Profile' to launch the Keyboard Shortcuts Editor.
You can use 'Edit' to modify a shortcuts profile that you have previously created.
Quick Bet Tickets
Here you can configure the behaviour of your Quick Bet tickets, the options of the four pick lists are fairly self explanatory but if you need a brief description please read below
When Opening a Ticket - With multiple ticket selected each time you right click on a market and launch a quick bet ticket it will spawn a new window (up to 10 tickets), the single ticket option reuse's the same ticket, using a single ticket maybe useful if you have limited screen space.
When Reusing a Ticket - When 'Always reset staking to default' is used each time either a new ticket is opened or reused the stake will revert back to the default stake you have set on the Previous page. You can also specify if the stake value is only to be reset on a new market/selection or if using 'Do Not Reset Staking' then each new market opened will use the most recent stake value used.
Default Ticket Size - This option lets you specify the number of back/lay prices to be shown on the Quick Bet ticket.
NB; Quick Bet tickets will be re-used and open in the position and size they were last used, so this setting ONLY applies to first creation of a ticket window in a trading session (or screen layout profile)
ie, if you have already opened 5 tickets in a session using a saved profile that has the 3 best prices showing and then switch to a different saved profile with only the best prices showing on the ticket, the first 5 tickets opened with this profile will still show the 3 best prices - tickets displaying the best price will begin from the 6th ticket opened.
Toolbar Buttons - When using the following toolbar buttons within the Quick Bet ticket to fully open a market this option lets you specify if the market will be opened on the main Bet Angel screen or in a new spawned window.