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Tennis Relative Score

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered based on how the selection has scored in a Tennis match relative to his opponent's score.
You can use multiple instances of this condition to compare relative scores for sets, games, and points for the same rule.
For instance you could place a bet if the selection is 1 set ahead, at least 2 games ahead in the current set, and is currently serving.  See the three conditions in the following image.
Or more simply, only trigger a rule if the selection is 2 points behind in the current game (i.e. a score of 0 - 30 or 15 - 40 )
Note: This feature requires the live tennis score feed to have been provided for the match by Betfair. It is worth checking in Tennis Trader or the Watch List if the scores are available for a market before using this condition.
In January 2021 Betfair informed us they will no longer be offering live scores and server feeds on ALL women's (WTA) matches.