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Total Performance Data

This condition can be used to check if a race course is supported by Total Performance Data and can check the content of the information coming through the Total Performance Data connection. This can be very useful if you only want your rule to trigger if certain types of data are/aren't present, the pick list in the image below displays all the information which can be tested with this condition.
In the next image the rule would only be able to trigger if race information from TPD had been updated within the last half second. This is useful to ensure your rule only triggers if you have the most up to date information and prevents trigger using stale and out of date information, for example if there has been a brief delay or interruption with the GPS transmission on course or a temporary internet issue with your connection to TPD.
NB: Total Performance Data can supply updates as fast as 200ms (0.2secs), so when testing for when the last update came from TPD we advise using a minimum time of 0.25secs