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Using & Removing your rules

The automation rules file is finished, so now you can apply it to all markets in Guardian's markets list using the 'Apply rules (all markets)' link or to only apply it to selected markets with your 'CTRL' key depressed select the markets in the market list window, these will then be highlighted in blue. Once you've finished selecting them you can click on the 'Apply rules (selected markets)' link to apply the rules file to those market.
Another way you can apply rules files to individual markets is to select it in the 'Automation Rules' column, in the image below only the Automation Rules 1' column is visible, but you can add additional columns to your market list display from the 'Lists' tab and apply up to 5 rules files to each market.
Use this simple rule as the basic building block for future rules. The complexity is only really limited by your imagination, but please ensure you fully test your rules in Practice mode to ensure they function as you intended, before using them in a Live market.

Removing Rules

To remove a rules file is just the reverse of applying them, you can select the market/s in the main list then choose the rules column you want to remove it from on the main ribbon, then click the 'Remove rules (Selected Markets)' link to remove the rules in that column from the selected markets.
Or if you have multiple automation rules columns and are using several rules files you can select a market and right-click in the rules file column you want to remove a rule/s from, a menu will then appear where you can choose to clear the rule file in that column for a single market, all the markets or clear all rules for that market or clear all rules for all markets