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Market List

From the 'List' page you can fully configure how your main Guardian market list is displayed by adding or removing the columns of interest to you, this includes up to five columns to display alerts, up to five columns to apply automation files, and nominated selections for rules to trigger on. It is you can also possible to create your own custom columns to display either preset information for selections and markets and your own stored values and values held in a History List from your automation rules.
Once you've created your custom columns and a layout that suits your needs it can then be saved as a custom layout profile, this allows you to quickly switch between different saved profiles depending on the markets you are trading and what you need displaying in your Guardian market list. For some examples of the types of layouts you can create please see the next page.
Adding/Removing Columns
To add or remove the columns open the column chooser , a menu window will then appear where you will be able to tick/untick the columns you want to display in your guardian market list window, There are over 30 default columns already in the column chooser which you can select.
NB; Once you begin creating and saving your own custom columns they will also appear in this menu list to be selected when required.
Reorder and Resize Columns
Columns can be reordered by hovering your mouse cursor over a column header, then with your left mouse button depressed simply drag the header to its new location and release your mouse button to drop it there.
By pointing your mouse cursor between the column headers you'll see a small icon with two arrows, by holding down your left mouse button at this time you can drag your column/s to your required width.
After you have selected the columns and placed them in the order you want you can then save them as a new 'Layout Profile' by clicking the disc+ icon or if you've edited an existing layout profile it can be resaved by clicking the disc icon.
This is handy if you trade different types of sports, for example you could create a layout with custom columns for racing and then another for tennis, or perhaps you want a layout specifically for a Saturdays when there is a variety of sports on and another for quieter midweek days.
Saving Rules and Nominated Selections
By ticking either of the boxes, when you 'Save Markets' (either from Guardian's Markets page or during the closure of the Guardian screen) your automation rules or nominated selections will be saved and automatically loaded again the next time you log on
*Before saving automation rules be aware that as soon you next log in and the markets begin refreshing your rules will be active and able to trigger
Search Market List
The search area can be used to find a piece of entered text in the market list, for example you could enter part of the market name or a start time, clicking 'Find Next' will take you to the next row matching that criteria, clicking 'Previous' will take you back to the previous row which had text matching your criteria.