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Using the Bet Angel Dutching Margin Maker

The 'Margin Maker' is a quick and easy way for you to create a profit margin on your selection/s without the need to do the calculation yourself manually. To use the 'Margin Maker' once you have ticked the selections you wish to 'Dutch' tick the 'Margin Maker' box along side the selection you wish to use to create your margin on.
In this example we want to make a 5% profit on the West Brom V Huddersfield match, you can see that after setting the 'Margin Maker' to 5% and backing the book we have ticked the margin maker function next to 'West Brom'
The software is showing to make 5% on this market by using 'West Brom' as the 'margin maker' their odds would need to drift out to 2.26. How do we know when/if the odds could reach 2.26? This will happen when the match goes in play and if there is not a goal within the first 30 minutes or so, therefore you will need to make a judgment on whether this will happen or not.
If you thought not and there was a chance of a early goal within the first 30minutes instead of using 'West Brom' as your 'Market Maker' you could instead use the draw. The odds of a draw will rise following a goal so by ticking the 'Margin Maker' box for the draw in the image below we can see exactly what odds the price would need to rise to for us to still make our 5% profit.
Once you are happy with your choice all thats left to do is click the 'Place Bets' bets button to submit your bets into the market, remembering to also 'Keep bets' afterwards if placing the bets pre-off and you need to take them in-play to be matched.
Of course you can see you can do this with any sports event not just soccer. Below we have picked a race at Lingfield and applied the same selection criteria. Here you can see that if 'Keenes Pointe’, the 2nd favourite, drifts to 4.10 in running we will net a £5.33 profit. We don’t need to worry about the favourite winning the race (in fact if it gets off to a flying start and makes all that's all the better for us) we just want to see that the 2nd fav is out of contention at some point during the race. If he does we will make money not just if the favourite wins, but if any horse wins the race!.
Margin Maker on Small Fields
In small fields the margin maker function takes on another characteristic. If there are only two selections you can use the margin make to automatically price the entire market quickly, easily and effectively. This allows you to enter a double trade in the market with just one click and a good chance of filling. In the following screen shot you can see we are on an in-play tennis market. We have back the field, all two of them, at the current back price with 5% margin. ‘Zidansek’ is the likely winner of this event and we have chosen to take his current back price. As ‘Alves’ struggles to get back into the game we would expect his price to drift or stay at a similar level. As we have ticked ‘Alves’ as the margin maker Bet Angel has worked out that as we backed ‘Zidansek’ at 1.11 we need to back ‘Alves’ at 21.0. Currently he is priced between 9.4 and 990 so we sit right in the unmatched lay area and stand a good chance of getting filled. If both orders are filled we will make 5% profit.
When you dutch you are generally using the available or expected prices to make money. But why not wait for exactly the right opportunity and not only nominate what prices you will accept but what margin you think is acceptable? The best way to explain this is to look at book arbitrage.