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Bet Angel Advanced Dutching

If you are not familiar with the concept of dutching, it is a process of placing more than one bet in a market to create a position in that market that delivers a pre-defined profit. Bet Angel allows you to not only pre-define that profit by event and selection it allows you to manage your risk and reward by dutching to a pre-set target profit or loss by individual runner selection sometimes known a variable dutching.
For example, In horse racing you could face the complexity of a very competitive handicap. Twenty-eight runners, all roughly similarly weighted and at the front of the field all at roughly the same odds. An impossible puzzle to solve from a regular betting perspective - who on earth is going to win?
With dutching you can simplify the problem by saying ‘I expect any one of these three, four, five or six selections to win’. So you move from the almost impossible task of trying to pick out a single runner or selection to picking a group of them that you think may win.
Using the dutching function in Bet Angel
When you view the dutching screen you will see the market you have chosen along with a list of selections in that market. You will also see a reminder that dutching only places back bets in a market. When you perform dutching you only back selections in the market you do not perform any other task. We put this reminder in because there are actually several options available for you to place back orders into the market. You do not just need to back at the current back price.
Your overall objective is to create a position below 100% in book value; there are many ways to do this. In order to create a position below 100% you have to exclude selections from the market or put some unfilled orders into the market. Using Bet Angel you can choose whether you back at the current back price, at the current lay price or whether you nominate your own price and wait for it to be filled.
*The Dutching tool only lets you place 'Back Bets' into the market, if you wish to Lay multiple selections you will need to use the 'Bookmaking' tool
Awareness about dutching on a Betting Exchange
There are certain circumstances where if you dutch a market and have failed to account for the impact of withdrawn selections you could face a substantial loss. Please make sure you understand the market you are dutching and make sure you clearly read the rules of the market to asses any possible impact.
Using Global Settings With Dutching
There may be times when you feel a market will withstand the mixing of strategies. You can apply global settings and make use of offsetting if you wish by clicking on the cog symbol within the dutching interface.
To see some example of how to use the Dutching tool see this forum thread