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Advanced Dutching - Back with a Minimum Stake of

Bet Angel is able to place a book on Betfair for small values but in order to ensure you comply with the betting exchange's terms and conditions you can set up a book to ‘back for a minimum stake of’. This ensures you do not place bets on below the specified minimum value. If you choose to perform a dutching position with bets below the minimum value we cannot guarantee  these bets will enter the market without error or complications as the process to achieve this is complex. We do not condone any abuse of the terms with the exchange and suggest you always try and comply with them.
When using the staking method 'Back with a Minimum Stake of' the minimum stake will be used on the selection you choose with the highest odds, the stake amounts for any subsequent selections will then be calculated by the software to ensure the same profit amount is achieved.
In the image below it is the 4th runner 'Mutabaahy' that has the highest odds of the selections chosen so the minimum stake of £5 I have set is used on this selection, the software has worked out all the stakes required for other selections based on there odds so that ALL selections chosen will achieve the same profit if it were to win.