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Watch List Alerts

Even when using a Watch List you may still miss opportunities especially if you are watching dozens of markets or even using multiple Watch Lists and/or are concentrating on the market you have in focus on your main trading screen/s.
Having the ability to display alerts when a preset criteria you have specified is met within that market or by a individual selection will mean you never miss an opportunity. 
For example you may want to see an 'Alert' when a team scores a goal in a football market, of if the Under dog is leading in the final 10 minutes of a match. Or perhaps if your trading Tennis markets you want to know when a particular score is reached or if the fav is facing 2 or more break points, in horse racing markets you might want to be alerted if there is a sudden increase in a selections matched volume or something steam/drifts a number of ticks or percentage in a given duration - the possibilities of what you can create alerts for are truly endless.   
In the image below I have some football markets in a watch list where three alerts have just gone off,
*remember you can put a mixture of markets from different sports and add unique alerts for each of them
To enable 'Alerts' in your Watch List, first open a Watch List then click 'Display' and tick ' Alerts' from the list
Alerts are then created using Advanced Automation or a Servant and you can see all the options you have available too you when creating an alert by clicking on those links.
Once you have created and saved your alert/s it's then just a case of adding the markets to guardian then to a watch list as explained on the previous pages before finally applying the relevant automation file or servant to the market/s your interested in.
Now as soon as the criteria and conditions you have set are met you the alert will goes off next to that market or selection and you'll never miss a key moment again.
Even if you have dozens of markets in a Watch List when you configure an alert you can instruct it to auto-scroll to the market it triggered on, or even maximize the Watch List if you have it minimized to your Windows task bar through lack of screen space.
Tip; Ensure your are refreshing Guardian and the markets in your watch list optimally and fast enough so that you dont miss or get a delayed alert