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Servants are a unique feature of Bet Angel, they put the speed and power of automation into the hands of manual traders to enhance their trading experience. Using servants will allow Bet Angel users to get in and out of the market with a couple of key presses, opening and closing trades in less time than it takes a conventional trader to move around the screen to place bets.
Whereas Bet Angel Guardian's Automation is designed to follow a single set of Rules on each market, usually set up hours in advance to run in the background on multiple markets throughout the day, Servants are designed to be flexible and are there to help you on the on the main trading screen (or on a spawned ladder window).  You may start as many Servants as you want or need on a market, they are also designed to stop automatically when you switch to a new market meaning there's no risk of them doing anything without your knowledge.
Servants are deeply integrated into Bet Angel, they are able to make use of all the rules and conditions in the Automation Editor as well as being really easy to start and stop using keystrokes, mouse clicks, popup menus or custom columns.  They can also be context sensitive and can make use of which selection or price is under the mouse cursor on the ladder or one-click screen when they are started.  It's also really easy to change the stakes that the servant will use so they will be ready to help whatever type of market you are trading. Unlike Guardian's Automation, there is no limit to how many servants can be started on a market or individual selection. Overtime you'll build an army of servants so you can go into a market fully armed with predefined tasks and strategies ready for deployment in a split second.
Servants free your mind when trading; you spot the opportunities while letting a servant handle the tedious side of bet entry & exit.  Use them as simple helpers or fully automated traders deployed as you see fit.
Servants can be created to do everything the regular guardian automation can do, they even have a few additional options of their own. The best way to take advantage of them is to create each servant to perform a specific task so that when a situation arises you have a Servant at your fingertips that you can immediately start to carry out its task.
By adding 'Context' to a servant's rules, important factors like which selection, stake and even entry odds can be defined by you as you start the servant with just one click of your mouse or push of a key. This allows you to start a servant on both a favourite and outsider with different stakes and/or entry odds, with no need to edit the rules that the servant will follow.
Example uses of a servant:
- Placing multiple bets at different prices with a single click or key press.
- Offset a percentage of your stake at different ticks
- Have it watch the market for sudden price movement on any selection - alerting you when you need to act or take care.
- Exit when you hit a target profit or exceed a loss threshold
- Laying the field at multiple prices with a single click
Download ready-made servants from our forum and edit them to your own requirements or create your own from scratch and you build up your personal army of servants ready for any situation.
You can also use a servant to time entry of a bet based on your defined conditions.  For instance when trading pre-off you may have a servant looking for the favourite to be shortening in price, and only trigger if the book%, and weight of money meets your criteria.  It could then place a lay bet with a few ticks offset with greening if matched.
So while trading as normal when you next see either the 2nd or 3rd fav reach the bottom of its range you could start this servant on that runner, the servant will then follow your instructions and monitor the favourite, the book% and the weight of money and execute the bet when appropriate to do so, meanwhile you can now be looking for the next opportunity.
Once started a servant will watch tirelessly for your conditions before acting, they will do this for as long as necessary or until stopped (if the situation changes). They won't get bored or impatient and jump the gun, and when it does trigger it will be much faster than you could of reacted and placed the bet manually.


Another unique feature is the 'Safety Servant', this special type of servant can be instructed to start automatically each time you open a new market (and stop when you move to the next). Their job could be to ensure you have greened up at the off, or to take SP automatically, they can also be used to add discipline to your trading by alerting you if your over staking or have too many unmatched bets in the market.