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Advanced Dutching - Back to a Target Profit of

Another staking method and way of using the advanced Dutching  is to 'Back to a target profit', with this method Bet Angel also gives you the option to 'Override your Target Profit' this is sometimes called 'Variable Dutching'
A frustration with more traditional dutching could be that you choose your five selections in a market. Then none of the five win and instead the fifth in the list (which you didn’t cover) romps in. For a long time this created a big problem for a lot of dutching strategies.
Also netting a profit is fine, but an equal profit on all selections may not work for you in terms of risk and reward and neither will the issue of having all your liability spread across the remainder of the field.
Using Bet Angel it is possible to ‘dutch’ your selections to a pre-defined profit or loss per selection by using the ‘override target profit’ column. This allows you considerable flexibility in terms of the profit you expect to gain from your winnings selections, or the loss you are willing to bear for your errors.
Variable Dutching
In the image below we have a correct score market from a match where the away team is the favourite to win, and it's our belief is that the away side will most likely win but it will be a tight low scoring match, however this is football where anything can happen so there may just be a lucky goal scored by the home side and if so we don't want to get stung if that happens.
So, here we have chosen to 'back for a target profit of' £25 but rather than accept a £25 profit on each score line chosen we have used the 'Override Target Profit' column to pre-define the P/L required for individual scores.
You can see we have created a position for ourselves where a low scoring away win will  return our £25 target profit, but any low scoring home win or draw will only see a very minor loss of between £0 & -£5.
Only if there is a goal fest and the home team win 3-0 or more than a total of 4 goals are scored would we be able to lose -£25
So now we have an excellent chance of at worst breaking even or losing a very small -£5 while have a great chance of netting a tidy profit if the favourite does indeed win with a low scoring total.
Once you are happy with your selections you can submit the bets to the market by clicking the 'Place Bets' button.
In the image I have just chosen to take the current back price for all score lines but there is nothing to stop you asking for either the current lay price or submitting a bet at any odds of your choice, just remember that if doing this pre-play and you need your bet matched you will still have to ckick the 'Keep Bets' button to instruct the software to take your unmatched bet in-play.

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