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Advanced Dutching - Back with a Stake of

The first staking method is the most basic and traditional, you would set a 'fixed' stake to back with, and your winnings would be spread equally amongst the selections your have made with your stake being your potential loss if one of your selections does not win.
Therefore with this method your loss will always be fixed but your winnings/profit will be variable and dependant on the odds and selections you choose to back.
In the image below we have selected four runners in a eight-runner market and 'Backed with a stake of' £100 by taking the current back price for all four. We will lose £100 if none of these four selections win but win £30.77 if any of the four do win. If you look at the book % you can see that the four selections chosen make up 76.5% of the market.
Once you are happy with your selections and predicted P/L the last thing to do is click the 'Place Bets' button, the software will then submit the bets to the market.
Remember if your betting pre-off and asking for a price you will still need to click the 'Keep Bets' button if you want to take any unmatched bets in-play.
For years you this would be the normal way in which you could place simple “dutching” bets, but with Bet Angel you have much more flexibility than this. If you are still placing normal back bets, make sure you expand your repertoire and edge by using more advanced strategies.