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Auto staking - Using liability stakes

This feature has now been superseded by the newer 'Staking Methods'. For long time users or those who still wish to use the 'Auto Stake' feature we have still kept it available as a legacy.  You have the option to switch between the newer Staking Methods' and old 'Auto Stake' by going into staking in the main settings menu.
Sometimes it can make sense to stake with a pre-set liability. This is particularly useful if you are laying and don’t want to accept too large a potential liability. People looking to lay losers in running in a horse race often use liability based stakes. Staking based on maximum liabilities has the effect of limiting your downside and transfer your upside to your skill at picking the correct entry point.
When you activate liability staking, Bet Angel will set the back side of the market to a uniform stake. This is due to the fact that a back bet will always be at 100% liability. The stake on the lay side of the market will vary though. It will vary according to the current available lay price. Therefore your potential profit will vary but your largest potential loss will be fixed at your pre-defined setting.
Awareness about auto staking
When you change the tick or liability size the ‘Auto update’ option is automatically switched off. This is to prevent any errors occurring when you change tick sizes. To reapply automatic updates to the market you must tick this box. If you elect to use ‘Auto update’, Bet Angel will re-calculate your stakes on every market refresh.  While this is useful it also means that your stakes will vary constantly, you need to be aware of this. To apply the changes just once, click on the ‘Update Stakes’ button and leave the ‘Auto update’ un-ticked.
It is important to be aware that when ‘Auto stake’ is part of the global settings, the tick size setting and the re-calculation of your stake will apply to a variety of functions in Bet Angel. Auto-staking can apply to several functions including ‘One-click’, ‘Ladder’, ‘Automation’ and ‘Charting’. Double check your individual stakes and setting on every screen before you start.