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Auto staking - Using tick sizes

This feature has now been superseded by the newer 'Staking Methods'. For long time users or those who still wish to use the 'Auto Stake' feature we have still kept it available as a legacy.  You have the option to switch between the newer Staking Methods' and old 'Auto Stake' by going into staking in the main settings menu.
Money management is an important part of any trading strategy and Bet Angel has built in automatic money management capabilities via the ‘Auto Stake’ feature. This will allow you to manage your trading bank in such a way that you can define how much money you wish to make per successful trade but also manage your trade size so that you do not face a significant drawdown on your trading capital if you have a losing run.
Pro Tip: When starting out we advise using ticks sizes at low levels, £1 is okay! This means you make £1 if you get it correct and lose £1 if you are wrong thus keeping risk and reward even. It is easy to fall into the trap of small fixed stakes e.g. £20 but you will see from "How digital odds move" you could expose yourself to larger risks if you use £20 on a price of 1.88 and the same £20 stake on price of 4.30 in fact it raises your risk by a factor of 10!
Ticks are useful for managing your risk in the market. This is because they can be used to adjust your stake according to how much the market is going to move and how you want to make per successful trade.
How Digital Odds move
% Move
An increment of 0.01 means the odds move from 1.78 to 1.79, or a percentage move of 1%. The odds are moving at increments of 0.01 and we refer to this move as one ‘tick’. (see the Pro Tip above)
At an increment of 0.10 it would move from 4.40 to 4.50. If you were looking to trade a position in the market and had a stake / trade value of £1000, placing this stake in a market that moves at 10% increments means you will only be 10 ticks away from losing your entire stake. Something moving ten ticks against you is a possibility so you are potentially taking too much risk!  At increments of 1% you are 100 ticks away from losing your entire stake. Of course this works the other way around as gross profitability is directly related to movement but the essence of staking with tick sizes is to manage your risk carefully. At lower odds your relative stake is not under as much risk and there is generally more liquidity available at much lower odds. This is why traders tend to trade at short (smaller) odds.
Because our focus is on capital preservation and risk management it is best to set a tick value and use that to determine your stake. As mentioned in the above Pro Tip you could start with a tick size of £1. The lowest odds available move 1% at time and therefore your bank requirement will be £1/.01 = £100. With a bank of £100 you could trade at £1 tick sizes.
In the first example you can see that we have set the tick size to £1. Because of this tick size Bet Angel has automatically adjusted the stakes of each selection to reflect the fact that if any of these selections moves one tick in our favour we would win £1.
In the next example we have upped our tick size to £5. Again you can see that Bet Angel has change the stakes to reflect a £5 win if we are correct on the price movement.

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