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Bet Angel - Soccer Mystic - Football profiling tool

Soccer Mystic is the first ever application designed specifically for Betfair soccer markets. It has been specifically created  to give you the best chance of profiting from one of the fastest growing markets on the betting exchanges. If you bet or trade on soccer, getting an edge is critical and soccer mystic is the tool that will deliver that edge. Quite simply, soccer mystic is your unfair advantage!
At the top of the screen you will see the specialist tools area. Click on the soccer ball icon to get started. If the current market is not compatible with Soccer Mystic you will see a pop up message saying so and the predictor will not be available.
It takes a few seconds for the price predictor to gather data and form its prediction. When that has taken place the price predictor is ready to use. The most important thing to do initially is to quickly look at the signal strength indicator in the top right.
This indicator is designed to give you an idea of how well the market is formed. This determines how well Soccer Mystic can model it. If the market is ideal for Soccer Mystic it will display five bars on the indicator. If the market is poor it may not display any bars at all.