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In this section we add Conditions to our rule to control when bets are allowed to be triggered into the market. This is a vital part of the setup as we do not want Bet Angel to trade when conditions are wrong.
The first condition is shown below. We simply click "New" and add the condition.
We do not want to trade this market if it is In Play. Although we have set time conditions this is a fail safe in case our system clock is incorrect or the race happened to start early.
We then add a further condition to ensure that only one bet is placed at a time. We are going to optimise Guardian refreshing to ensure the market we are scalping will refresh quickly. However as we are offering bets to the market, we do not know how long it'll take for the unmatched bet to fill.  The rule is configured to place bets no quicker than once every 5 seconds but this extra condition tells Bet Angel to pause for 2 seconds after the market contained an unmatched bet. Due to the refresh rate, any bet placed that has not been matched will be visible to Bet Angel within a second, so this condition will ensure that the previous bet has been filled (or killed) before another bet is allowed to trigger.
You can see this below, we click "New" and add the condition.