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In this part we tell Bet Angel our parameters for our back bet so it knows where we want to place the bet and how much we wish to stake. We will then add an offset in the Global Settings section. You can see our setup in the screenshot below
1. Place at 'Custom ticks above best market price' and our choice is 1 tick. We wish to offer the bet to the market so we are asking for a price 1 tick better than the current price.
2. The 'Stake' is set at a Fixed amount of £10. You can amend this to suit your needs but ensure it is not below the minimum stake for your region.
3. In "Global Settings" we choose the action Offset Bet.
4. We set Offset (Ticks) to 1
5. We set Fill or kill to 15 seconds. This is important because we want to ensure our initial bet is matched before offsetting and also to remove it from the market if it hasn't filled within 15 seconds.
6. The offset batches is set at 1.
That concludes our parameters so now we must add conditions