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Coupon Settings

The ‘Settings’ page lets you configure: how your markets will be grouped together in your coupon, if the scrolling should be linked, whether to show the Event pick list, the refresh options to be used, how frequently the coupon filter should be reapplied to the Watch List’s markets, and how the results of the filters should be displayed in Guardian etc.
Grouping of Markets
Here you can specify if and how you want to Group your Markets, you will then be given the choice of using a Primary and Secondary sort so that your markets appear exactly how you want them. (Primary sort taking priority over Secondary)
If you choose to 'Group' markets in some way you will also be able to add 'Padding', this ensures that each new Event always starts aligned across the full width of the coupon.
In the image below, 'Padding' has been added; you can see the gap it has created in the Primary panel after the last Stuttgart V Hoffenheim market so that the Swansea V Man City markets all begin in line.
When ticked this will link (lock) all scroll bars so that on a multi-panel coupon, no matter which scroll bar is used all panels will scroll up and down to stay in-sync.
Event Pick List
The event pick list is the area above each panel where '<Show all Events>' is displayed, you can chose to inherit your current watch list settings or 'show' or 'hide' this above each panel.
If you chose to show you will then be given the option to sync all pick lists with the primary panel - this means that when you select an event in the primary panel, that event will be shown in all the others - without the need to individually select it in each.  This makes switching between different events possible with just one click no matter how many panels are being used.
Refresh Options
There are three options for how the Watch List should refresh the markets currently visible in the Coupon and the market currently under mouse cursor.
When 'Refresh all Visible Markets' or 'Markets Under Mouse' is used, the rate at which they are updated (in a cycle) will depend on the background refresh rate that you have chosen in the communications area of the Bet Angel Settings.
Filtering Options
By opting to use reapply the filter at set intervals, you can have the coupon automatically remove markets which no longer fit your filter criteria.
For example, if you used 'Reapply Filter every 10 seconds' then every 10 seconds all markets in a coupon would be checked to see if they still met your original filter criteria and if not they would be removed. So if your coupon filter was configured to display football markets that had not kicked off, then once they kick-off (and therefore turn in-play) they would be filtered out as soon as the filter is next reapplied - in this case, automatically within ten seconds of them going in-play.
However if you wanted the coupon filter to find and add football markets that have not yet kicked off with the intention of continuing to trade them in-play, then you would use the filter option 'Reapply only when coupon changes' and the markets would remain in your coupon until you specifically removed them or until you manually ran the filter again.
Once you have finished configuring your settings the last task is to save the coupon by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the editor and give it a name.
It will now be available in your coupon pick list ready for to use.
To see a detailed step-by-step example of configuring a filter please see this Blog