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Guardian Layout and Import/Export

There are unlimited ways you might want to configure and layout your Guardian market list depending on the type of markets you are trading and what information you want to see. For example if you are using automation you might want several columns to apply your rules from and to display alerts. If you are a racing trader you may want to populate your Guardian columns with additional racing information

Example Layouts

Here is a market list layout created specifically for horse racing markets to display information like form, Last Traded Price, High and Low Traded prices and the profit/loss for each market.
This next market list layout has been created for football markets and has custom columns to display the back book%, the length of the in-play bet delay, it also has a couple of alert columns to display alerts triggered by automation rules.
Here the market list layout has been created especially for tennis markets with custom columns to display the scores and server information, the number of matched, unmatched bets, profit & loss, there are also columns to apply rules and nominate players for rules to run on and display alerts from a rules file.

Download Examples

There are also ready-made Guardian Custom Column & Layout files which you can download and import straight into your Bet Angel including all the examples seen above from the Shared Guardian settings area on the Bet Angel forum.