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Guardian Custom Columns

From here you can create your own custom columns to display in your market lists in Guardian. To open the custom column editor and begin creating custom columns click the 'Edit Custom Columns link next to the gold star
When the custom column editor window opens you will see one 'Default' profile, you can start adding custom columns to this profile or you may prefer to create a new profile.
In the image below I've clicked the 'New' button to begin creating a new custom column profile named 'Racing Columns'.
Each new Custom Column Profile has 10 custom columns available for you to edit, but if you find that you need more for that profile you can add additional custom columns to edit in groups of 5 at a time by clicking the '+5' button.

Creating Custom Columns

The next step is to begin creating some custom columns, you'll probably want to start with editing Custom Column 1.
The 'Title' area allows you to rename this custom column (this will be the name displayed for this column header in the market list window).
Next you can select what the custom column will 'Display' for you, here you have the following four choices;
Market Information
A Selections Information
A Shared Stored Value
A Historic Stored Value

Market & Selection Information

When selecting either 'Market Information' or 'A Selections Information' you will get one of the two pick lists shown below where you can select the preset information you want to be displayed in this custom column.
When choosing to display 'A Selections Information' you will also be given extra options to specify which selection's information you wish to display, then if you choose a selection 'by position' you'll be given the option of choosing which sort order will be used by this column, this allows for different columns to use different criteria for sorting which are also decoupled from the main sort used by rules for Servants and Automation.
In the image below I've created a custom column and named it 'Fav Form' and chosen to display the 'Runners form' of the selection in position 1, sorted by their back price, for this custom column I've also changed the background colour to a pale green to make it stand out in the market window.
Once you've saved the column you can then create a further custom column by selecting another custom column to edit for example  'Custom Column 2', here I'm going to change the Title to '2nd Fav Form' and change it to the selection to 'In position 2 (sorted in order of favouritism) by back price. This can then be repeated until you have created all the columns you need for this profile.
In the image below you can see how those two custom columns (when selected in the custom column chooser) would then appear in the Guardian market list.

Shared Stored Value and Historic Stored Value

When selecting either a Shared Stored Value or a Historic Stored Value you will get one of the two picks lists shown below, from these you can input the Shared Stored Value information you want to display or select which History List and time you want to display a value from.
Example; I have a rules file applied to this market storing the last traded price every second to History List 4, I now want a custom column to continually look up and display the historic value held in that history list (i.e. the last traded price) at my chosen intervals.
In the image below I've created the first custom column and called it '5mins' and chosen to display the Value Held in 'History List 4' from 300 seconds ago of the runner in Betfair's row 1
Once saved I could then create a second custom column but change the Title to 3mins and display the value held in 'History List 4' from 180 seconds ago of the runner in Betfair's row 1, then another with the Title changed to 1min to display the value held in 'History List 4' from 60 seconds ago of the runner in Betfair's row 1

Using Custom Columns

Once you have created and saved all the custom columns needed you can return to the main Guardian screen, and select the custom column profile you've just created.
Next you'll need to open the column chooser as described on the previous page and tick the newly created custom columns you want to display as part of this profile and arrange and resize them any way you require. Once that's done you can now save this as a new layout by clicking the 'Disc+' icon
I've called this layout 'My Racing Layout' and in the image below you can see the four custom columns that I've just created, displaying the form for the 1st and 2nd fav and the historic prices from 1min, 3min, and 5mins ago for the runner in row 1 in each race.