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Ladder Greening Up / Close Trade / Cash Out Column

Using this option (scales button) will toggle the left hand column of each ladder showing your position should you close at the prices indicated with or without greening.
Take a look at the following example.
In the first illustration we can see a lay bet has been placed at 3.55. The trading profit column (indicated) is telling me that I can close the trade at 3.55 for net ZERO. Closing at a lower price will result in a loss (red number). Closing at a higher price will result in a profit (green numbers).
I want to realise a profit of £1.50 from this market and I can see from this column that the price needs to move to 3.75 in order to do this.
If I click on the green ‘1.50’ in the trading profit column, Bet Angel will place a bet in the exchange of the correct amount to realise this profit. You can see Bet Angel has done this in the second illustration.
If using greening, Bet Angel will automatically calculate the stake required.
Placing Greening Bets
Click on the button indicating the green position to the right of the scales to cause Bet Angel to place closing bets on each open position in such a way to realise the indicated profit (or loss).


For a detailed example of Greening up and closing a trade see this thread from our forum

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