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Enhance ladder

The ladder interface provides a quick and easy to use method of submitting bets into the exchange. Enhancing the ladder can provide more invaluable information at a glance:
Click the enhance ladder option and the ladder screen benefits from the addition of the enhanced charts. This is a personal choice so if it suits your style then select the Advanced Ladder view together with the advanced chart of your choice.

Using the Grid

The market grid on the right hand side will NOT place any bets into the market. It is there to provide a quick overview of the market and to allow you to select which horse is displayed in Ladder 1. If you click on any horse it will instantly place it in ladder 1. You can change your selection at any time.

Modifying the Charts

To make any adjustments to the advanced charts shown please visit the Advanced Charting section of the user guide
Or to edit any part of the Enhanced Area please see the Enhanced Area in the main ladder settings. 
Tip: You can undock the ladder window and drag it to another monitor if you have a multiple monitor set-up