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Manual control over Automation rules

In addition to being able to manually nominate a selection for a rule to run on the 'Automation' tab which is below the bottom window in Guardian contains a pick list where you can quickly intervene or disconnect a rule from a market if your viewpoint changes whilst the rule is running. The following four options are available to you from this pick list located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Reset Trigger Counts -  Resets the number of times a rule has triggered back to zero
Remove Rules From Market - Removes the whole automation rule from the market
Checkpoint Match Bets - Resets the number of matched bets back to zero. This is the same as the 'Checkpoint matched bet' rule type available in the Automation Rules Editor and is useful for Tennis markets where the same score/scenario can repeat many times in a match.
Clear ALL Signals - Clears ALL signal names and values which have been set on a selection and market
Normally the number of times a rule is allowed to trigger is controlled from inside the rule itself (and it's progress is displayed in the bottom window of guardian when the 'Automation' tab is selected).
In the screenshot below you can see an automation rule is being used to back a player in a Tennis match. The rule has been written in a generic way so could be applied to either player.
After applying the rule to a tennis market I have opted to nominate 'Rafael Nadal' for the rule to run on by selecting him from the 'Automation Nominated Selection 1' column on the main guardian page - also in the screenshot you will notice the current Matched bets count is showing 6 bets matched.
However if we look at the bottom window of guardian with the 'automation' tab selected it shows both the entry and exit rules are only allowed to trigger once (so two bets per usage).  So this rule has been used three times already in this match. The 'Triggers' column is showing that the rules have finished as they are already showing '1 / 1' triggers and the entry rule 'Last Triggered' at 15:51:38
At the bottom right corner of this window you'll see the pick list where 'Reset trigger counts' has been selected and I'm hovering over the mouse cursor over the 'Apply' button.
I spot another opportunity and click the Apply button, as you can see in the next screenshot, the 'Triggers' have been reset to '0 / 1' and the Last Triggered times have been cleared. The rules are ready to trigger again.
Fast forward till later in the match and the Matched bets count is now 10, showing that the rules have been used again and again: