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Market Type

This condition can be used to filter if a market 'Is one of the Following' or 'Is Not on of the Following' market types
A market type can be tested directly or you can test for a market type held in a Stored Value including Stored Value (shared) set by rule from another file or Servant running on another market.
Once you have selected the comparison criteria you can use the icon to add your required markets from the list of market types that will appear.
For example if you had an automation file applied to several football Over/Under markets from each fixture but didn't want this particular rule to trigger on the lower score markets you could add a Market Type Condition and configure it to NOT to trigger on the O/U 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 markets as shown in the image below
In the following image the condition has been configured to check if the market type held in a stored value named 'my_bet_triggered', is either a 'Match Odds' or a 'Match Odds and BTTS' market, and only if it is one of those types will the rule be allowed to trigger