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Text Comparison

This condition can be used to compare the text in the Market Name against a list of your entered text, there is a choice of four criteria for you to choose from as shown in the image below.
The 'Market Name' is the title as shown in the top left corner of the one-click screen or under the 'Markets' column of Guardian.
For example you may have a rule that you only want to trigger on flat races and not a jumps race (National Hunt). In the image below the condition is configured to allow the rule to trigger if the market title does not contain the words 'Chs' and 'Hrd' (which are the terms Betfair use in the market titles for UK jumps races i.e, Chase and Hurdle).
Each text item needs to be put on individual lines as shown in the image above
When used with condition Grouping it is possible to construct more complex AND/OR/NOR text matching conditions.