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Servant Manager

The Servant Manager tool can be used to start & stop automation servants, show their current status, display full details of the most recently started servant and display the activity or all other servants used. It can also be used to create, edit, import and export Servant automation files.
To start the Servant Manager click the (Bellboy icon) which is located on  the right of the main toolbar.
The colour of the 'Servant Manager' icon on your main tool bar will change colour depending on the status of Servants on the current market.
No servants have been started on this market
Servant/s started and are now pending on this market (awaiting rule start time)
Servant/s started and are active on this market
By hovering your mouse cursor over the Servant Manager icon a tool tip will appear showing the number of Active, Pending and Stopped Servant (including Safety Servants).
Right clicking on the Servant Manager icon will display a number of stop options as well as an option to quickly start, stop and change any Safety Servants

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