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Safety Servants

A 'Safety Servant' is a unique way to use a servant in that rather than having to keep starting it manually each time you open a new market once selected and enabled it can start up automatically for you every time you switch to a new market, and if saved as part of your settings profile and you login with that profile it will be started for you as soon as you open your first market.
The type of tasks you would typically give a safety servant are those that you intend to run on each market or that can act as a form of back up, for example greening up at the start time and/or taking SP on unmatched bets etc. It can also be used to help with discipline for example it could play a sound alert or display a pop-up message if your total loss exceeds your defined threshold.
Safety Servants are created exactly the same way as if your creating a regular automation servant, you can even use an existing Servants as a safety servant providing it does not contain any rules that require 'Context' information. Safety Servants are independent so can also be used even if your not using a regular servant.
To Select a Safety Servant just open the 'Servant Manager' window and click the 'Safety' tab, then chose from your list of saved rules files and tick the 'On' box.
After a 'Safety Servant' has been started each time you switch to a new market you will hear the familiar bell ring as an audio alert, also at the bottom right of the 'Bellboy' icon you will now see a 'Plus' sign appear, the colour of this plus sign shows the Safety Servants status.
Safety Servant has been started but is pending on this market (awaiting rule start time)
Safety Servant has been started and is active on this market
The main Bellboy icon colour will continue to change depending on the status of your regular servants. Here you can see all regular servants have been stopped except for the safety servant which is still active.
 A Safety Servant also has the following three unique options which can be enabled by ticking the relevant boxes
Use with Bet Angel Trading Screen - Once enabled the safety servant will be started on a market as soon as you open it on either your one-click or ladder trading screens.
Use with spawned Ladder windows - This will enable the safety servant on any market you now spawn by right clicking and choosing to 'Display market in new ladder window'.
Ignore Stop All Servants commands (remain active) - This will exclude it from being cancelled when using any of the 'Stop ALL servant commands'.
If you tick 'Ignore Stop All Servant Commands' you can still stop a Safety Servant by either clicking the red square adjacent to it on the 'Activity' tab or if it was the most recently started servant by clicking the red square next to it in the 'Most recently started Servant' windows or the the large red square at the top of the 'Servant Manager'.
It is also possible to start and stop Safety Servants by right clicking on the main Bellboy Icon and ticking the bottom option 'Use Safety Servant', here you can also click 'Change the Safety Servant' and this will open the 'Servant Manager' window for you to select another.
Warning; If you make any edits to a safety servant whilst it is running it will be stopped and require starting again after any edits have been saved by un-ticking and re-ticking the 'On' box
Also If you select another Safety Servant while one already running the new one will be turned 'Off' automatically when selected so you will need to re-tick the 'On' box again to start it. This is to prevent the risk of any immediate automatic activation if you accidentally chose the wrong one from your drop list.