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Set Stored Value from File (Parameters)

When using the 'Set Stored Value using a File' rule type, this parameters area will allow you to select the CSV file that contains the stored values and filter criteria that you wish to use.
The stored value's name, and value to be set, will be specified in the file itself along with the filter criteria.  The filter criteria is used to determine if the row of the CSV is applicable to the market currently running the rule and can be one or more of the following: Market name, Market Time, Selection Name, Selection Row Number.  
Any criteria option that is not required should be wildcarded with a * character.
After you have selected your file there is a 'Check File for Errors' button you can use and Bet Angel will run a quick check to ensure your file is in the correct format and contains values that can be processed, at this point you will get a small pop up window appear to tell you if the file is OK or of there are any errors in it that first need changing.
There is an example CSV file in the Bet Angel templates folder, this folder can be found in the following location on your PC, or you can copy and paste the address into your Windows address bar
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bet Angel Limited\Bet Angel - Professional\templates