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Custom Ranking (Parameters)

When using the 'Update Custom Ranking of Selections' rule type, this Parameter area will allow you to configure which of the five custom rankings to assign and how it should be populated. Once you have assigned selections into a custom ranking list you can then use that ranking with other rules. e.g. Apply a rule to a selection that ranks 1st in your custom ranking list.
Assign Ranking to
Here you can select the Custom Ranking list (1-5) that you wish to assign the order of selections to. The selections will be re-ranked every time the 'Update Custom Ranking of Selections' rule is run.
Rank By
Allows you to specify how you want the selections to be ranked (ordered) by, this can be done using their back price, lay price, last traded price, starting price, volume, stored value or historical stored value in either ascending or descending order.
In the image below when this rule triggers it will rank runners by volume in ascending order (smallest to largest) and assign that order to custom ranking 4
Stored Values and History Lists
If you are using other rules to store values or store values into a history list you can also assign these to a custom ranking in a similar way, for example in the image below when this rule triggers it will look up the selections' values held in History list 5 from 10 seconds ago and rank selections in ascending order using those values


If we assume we had another rule storing the lay book% of each selection into the history list 5, when this rule triggers it will take there order (ascending, so lowest to highest) by lay book% from 10 secs ago and put them into 'Custom Rankings 2'.
You might then want to use that order for another rule, in the image below when this next rule triggers it will place a back bet on the selection that is at rank 4 in Custom Ranking 2
i.e. the selection with the 4th lowest lay book%