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Settings (Servant Manager)

This area gives you a number of options to customise how you want the information in your 'Servant Manager' to appear and be handled. Starting at the top
Show Column Headers - Shows or hides the column headers on the Activity tab and in the bottom window for the most recently started servant, this can also be done by clicking the icon which looks like a calendar at the top of the Servant Manager window.
Group by Selection Context - When ticked servants will be grouped by market then selection headers on the activity tab. When un-ticked all the Servants for each selection will appear together on the activity tab with the selection they have been applied to now shown to the right of their names.
Show Guardian Automation in Activity Tree- If your running both servants and regular automation via Guardian when ticked this will also display the details of your Guardian rules on the Activity tab - this is useful when wanting to see details of both in one place.
Below those are four options for you to choose from which will instruct the software how you want it to handle 'Stopped Servants'
Remove Immediately - Removes servants details from most recently started servant window and the activity tab as soon as it is stopped
Remove on market switch - As above but it removes upon switching to another market
Archive Immediately - By 'Archiving' the servants you are putting them to the bottom of the 'Activity' window but they will still be visible should you want to check anything at a later time like how many times a rule triggered or what time it was stopped etc.
Archive on Market Switch - As above but Archiving will take place automatically each time you switch to a new market.
Activity Tree Expansion - Here you can choose the level of detail you want to be displayed on your activity tab and in the most recently started servant windows.