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Servant Context

As with Guardian's Automation, when creating rules for a servant you have the option to specify which selection to use, and the stake & price when placing a bet.
You might always require a servant to trigger on the same selection (i.e. the favourite) or to have the stake and price fixed into the rule, but to make servants as flexible as possible, we have introduced the concept of 'Servant Context'. 
By choosing a 'Servant Context' during rule creation you are deferring the decision as to which selection / stake / price to use until the moment you actually start the servant. This is done by using location of your mouse cursor at the time you start your servant - your mouse is providing the context to the servant.  In the case of the stake, that will be taken from the appropriate row of the one-click screen or staking area on the ladder screen.  The staking method will also be taken from the Bet Angel screen at the time of starting the servant.
Contexts allow you to create generic servants which can then be started on multiple selections, using different stakes and each placing bets at different prices - without requiring you to keep editing the servant's rules file each time.
if a rule contains 'Servant Context Selection' your cursor can be over any of the back or lay prices for the selection you want to start it on.
If a rule contains 'Servant Context Stake' it will use the stake amount and method you have set for that selection.
If a rule contains 'Servant Context Price' the actual price your cursor is hovering over at the time you start it is the price it will use
For example, using the image below assume you had a servant that used 'Servant Context Selection' and 'Servant Context Stake' within a rule. To start the servant on the runner on the first ladder you would hover your cursor over any of its blue back or pink lay cells and press your shortcut key to start it, the servant would then use the stake value of £256 that is selected from the preset area above the ladder and whatever staking method was selected on the main banner.
If you wanted to use the same servant on the runner in the forth ladder you would hover your cursor over its blue or pink cells and press your start key again, only this time because the preset stake value above the ladder for this selection is £50 when the servant triggers a bet on this runner it will now use that £50 stake.
If you were to change the stake value at the top of the first ladder and then start the same servant on it again it would now place bets using the new stake value when it triggers.
They work the same way on the one click screen, just hover your mouse cursor over the pink or blue cells of the selection required when starting the servant and that's the one it will run on.
If the servant was using 'Servant Context Price' as part of its rule then the actual price your cursor is hovering over will be the price the servant uses. 
For example if a Servant had a rule that uses places bets 4 ticks above the 'Servant Context Price' and it was started as shown in the image below on the 2nd runner, when it triggers it would do so by placing the bet at 6.0, because this is 4 ticks above 5.6 (the price at which the cursor is hovering over when started). If the rule also used 'Servant Context Stake' then the amount placed would be £100 as this is the stake amount that is currently set for this selection.
For a detailed example of using Servant Context see this thread from our forum