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Sound Alerts

Under the settings menu there is the option to ‘Enable sound’. The most common sound in Bet Angel is in the placing bet sound. This is played whenever a bet is put into the market. This enables you to be clear that a bet has been placed and avoids you placing multiple bets. If you do not like this additional sound prompt you can switch it off from the ‘settings’ menu.
Additional sounds can also be played during critical moments and timings during an event. Click on the ‘Sound Alerts’ tab in this menu to set these sounds.
There are four countdown alerts and additional alerts for 'fully matched bets', 'partially matched bets', ‘in-play’, ‘suspended’ status, 'information alerts' and 'automation servant alerts'.
All alerts have options to monitor all trading screens and Guardian markets if you want to extend the alerts beyond just your main trading screen
You can switch on any alert by clicking on the ‘active’ tick box next to the sound alert.
For the countdown alerts you will also need to specify the time before the event is due to start that the sound needs to be played. For instance in the image above, the first Countdown alert is set to 300 seconds, so the sound you have specified will play five minutes before the start of the event.
The default audio sounds are spoken warnings such as ‘This event starts in one minute’. You can modify any of the sounds to whatever you wish by changing the source path of the sound. To do this click on the ‘Browse’ option on the sound you wish to change. This will bring up a file explorer and you should ‘point’ this to the sound wish to use instead of the default sound.
When you have located the sound file you wish to use, double click on it or click once and then click the open option in the dialogue box. Your new sound is ready to use.