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Unmatched Bets Area

The unmatched bets area displays all the bets that you have placed, into the market currently displayed on the Bet Angel Trading screen, that remain unmatched.
It is a convenient way for you to view, manage or modify your unmatched bets. By sorting the unmatched bets you can quickly see what open positions you have and then decide what action to take.
The unmatched bets area is presented under the trading areas of the Bet Angel Trading screen.  By default it is large enough to see a few unmatched bets, but you just adjust the visible height by dragging the horizontal splitter bar up or down (the bar is displayed just above the 'Unmatched Bets' title).  You can also undock the unmatched bets area and, if required, pin it to be always visible on screen.
Whenever you place an order into the current market using Bet Angel, regardless of how you place it, it will appear in the unmatched bet area and remain there until it is matched or cancelled. Tip: If you start using Global Settings the unmatched bet area will also feedback information about fill or kill timers or stop losses being used with an unmatched bet.
Main buttons
At the top of the unmatched bet area there are six main buttons:
Save all’ manually saves the unmatched bets to the ‘Saved bets’ area.
Cancel all’ will cancel all unmatched bets in the market. 
Keep All’ tells the exchange to Keep each of the unmatched bets in the market when it is turned in-play. *
'Take SP All’ tells the exchange to fill each of the unmatched bets by Taking the Starting Price when the market is turned in-play. *
*Note: Unless the Keep or Take SP option is chosen, the unmatched bets will be cancelled when the market turns in-play. This function is the same as on the Betfair website and only available when offered by Betfair.
'Reset' clears any pending changes that you have made to the unmatched bets.
Submit Changes’ sends any pending changes, that you have made to the unmatched bets, to the exchange.
It is important to note that if you edit the bet's 'Odds', 'Stake' or 'At In-play' values in the unmatched bets area, except for the nudging feature (see below), you will need to use the ‘Submit Changes’ button to send these changes to Betfair. This allows you to modify the prices of a number of bets in advance and commit the changes with a single press of ‘Submit Changes’.  Until that time these 'pending changes' to unmatched bets will be displayed in red and can be abandoned by pressing 'Reset'.
Tip: If you want to carry a bet from before the start of the event to 'in-play' then we recommend that you use 'Keep All' rather than 'Save All'. 'Save All' is beneficial is you wish to save a bet for submission into the market multiple times.
By clicking one of the column titles the column header bar in the unmatched area you can sort your unmatched bets by Name, Bet reference, date placed, odds or your outstanding stake. You can sort in either ascending or descending order.
Modifying and ‘nudging’ orders
If you wish to modify the stake amount or the odds on an unmatched bet you simply click on those odds or stake and a white box will appear around the value. This is a now a numerical field where you can enter your new stake or odds. If you have clicked on this field by mistake, either press ‘esc’ or click elsewhere on the screen.  Changes to the bet currently in the market will be marked in red and will be committed when you press the 'Submit Changes' button.
You will also notice that there are plus and minus buttons to the right of the unmatched bet odds. These buttons allow you to quickly amend an order by nudging the price up or down by one ‘tick’. A ‘tick’ is the next price point available in that odds series. e.g. If you had a bet priced at 5.7, nudging the odds up one tick will push the price to 5.8 or nudging it down would push it to 5.6.
Cancel / Close position
Rather than cancelling all open positions in a market you may wish to cancel individual positions. This can be achieved by clicking the cancel option on the unmatched bet which you wish to remove from the market.
Sometimes, rather than modifying or nudging a position, you may wish to just exit you position immediately. If you click the Close Position button Bet Angel will attempt to close your position at the best available price at the current stake value; however it may need to use the third best price in the market for the selection to ensure the best chance of the bet being filled. Care should be taken when using this feature on very volatile and illiquid markets as the speed of being filled will be at the risk of getting a worse price than if you'd adjusted the price manually. You may wish to use the Trade Calculator as another way to control the exit of your positions.
Awareness with regard to global settings
If you modify the price of a bet or increase the stake, both of which will result in a new bet reference, you are taking manual control of the bet and any global settings that were applied to this bet will be lost. Settings such as stop losses, fill or kill orders will no longer function if you modify a bet.

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