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Spawned Unmatched Bets Window

An unmatched bets window can also be spawned for any market without having to open the market on a main trading screen. 
You can launch this tool from the list of markets that have been loaded into Guardian, the Watch List, the Market selection tree, the Guardian selection tree, the Quick Bet ticket or via a keyboard shortcut.
To show the unmatched bets window for a market right click on a market from any of the areas of Bet Angel listed above and a pop up menu will appear, and the 'Display the Unmatched Bets for this Market' is located at the bottom of this list.
In the image below, the 4th market in Guardian has been right clicked on and the 'Display the Markets Unmatched bets' option has been selected from the pop-up window and that's then spawned the unmatched bets window for that market.
From there you can manage everything to do with your unmatched bets as detailed on the previous page of this user guide, just as if you had the full market open and where using the regular unmatched bets area at the bottom of the window.
If you wish to display the full market from the unmatched bets window you can do so by clicking on one of the following icons located in the upper left corner of the window and that will open the market to your main One-Click or Ladder trading screens.
Alternatively by clicking the 'Bets' icon in the top left corner a pop up list will appear were you can still choose to display the market onto your main one-click or ladder screen or spawn it in a new one-click or ladder window.
Below those is the option to 'Sync to the market under the mouse cursor', this is a useful option to enable if you trade or have multiple ladder or one-click markets open as you could have just one floating 'Unmatched Bets' window pinned somewhere on your screen and it will show any unmatched bets associated with the market currently under your mouse cursor.
As with most other tools of Bet Angel, the size and position of these windows can be saved in a Screen Layout profile.