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Stored Value

The Stored Value condition will allow you to test between two values to see if Value 'A', is Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To that of Value 'B', this includes testing against specific named values you have stored earlier using 'Stored Values' as part of another rule for a selection, market or event.
A full list of all the values which can be tested can be seen in the image below. 
In addition to testing between the actual values you can also include your own manual adjustment if you wish by selecting to use either 'Plus', 'Minus', 'Multiply by', or 'Divide by' then choosing from ticks, 'Odds', 'Amount', 'Percent' or 'Percent (using price -1.0)'.  Note: The adjustment applies to 'Value B' before the value comparison of A & B takes place.
There are also adjustment options to convert Value B from a price into ticks ( counting up in ladder increments from 1.01 ) or from ticks into a price.
In the image below the condition is testing the volume of the favourite is greater than the volume of the 2nd favourite plus 10%, so at the time this rule runs if the favourite's volume is £250'000 then the 2nd favourite must be greater than £275'000 to satisfy this condition.

Testing Against Earlier Stored Values

In the following image I had already stored the value of the 'Back Price of a Selection' in row 1 with the name 'pricerow1', using another rule which triggered at five minutes to post time.
I now want this current rule to trigger on the condition the 'Back price of the selection in row 1' is now 10 ticks lower than it was when the earlier rule triggered.
Using this concept and function it is possible to store a value at anytime and with any other rule (even one from a Servant running on the same market) then test and trigger a later rule dependant on the value stored by the first.