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"Bet Angel software is produced by a UK registered company operating under UK legislation. This means you have free access to our company and contact information. We are also approved Betfair API vendors and have partnered Betfair at a number of events. Our product, software code and interaction with Betfair has been tested by Betfair's security department and, as requested by Betfair, is conducted via a Thawte encrypted secure link. Betfair has tested the product to be sure that your usage of Betfair, your username and password are not being stored or transmitted in an unnecessary manner to or via us.

In using Bet Angel you can be sure that you are using top quality software from a legitimate company. Furthermore we have also made the decision not to outsource critical parts of the software. Ensuring this is coded in house enables us to maintain full control of the code in terms of quality and integrity for our user.

Software Licence Agreement

The software license agreement contains your agreement with us in terms of the application and use of the software by you. Please read this document fully. You will need to agree to this license agreement before the installation of your software.

Risk Notice

Before deciding to participate in the any kind of sports or financial market, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience and attitude to risk. Most importantly, do not speculate with money you cannot afford to lose.

Please ensure you fully understand any risk before your particpate on betting exchanges.There is considerable exposure to risk in any activity on any betting market. You should familiarise yourself with the markets and how to manage your exposure in order to minimise the risk.

We suggest you use the smallest possible stake while testing and trading experimental strategies to make sure feel comfortable with the level of risk and volatility you are likely to encounter and how to minimise risk. When you feel comfortable and are more familiar with strategies and how to put them to use in a market, you can then move up to larger stakes.

Risk can also come from outside of your use of the market as well. Systemic risks are items such as computer failure or unexpected outages which can occur at any stage of the exchange process. There is also user risk such as accidental use of features and ms-interpretation of a market or how to trade it. As such we recommend that you have a clear and consistent approach to any market which minimises your exposure to all the risks detailed in this notice.

Using betting exchanges

Trading on sports is similar to spread betting on financial markets, carries similar risk and therefore should be treated in the same manner as conventional betting. Please gamble responsibly.




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