Bet Angel for an Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad

Are you curious about running Bet Angel or other Betfair trading software on your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, or other smartphones and tablets?

You’re not alone! We frequently receive this question, and the good news is, it’s definitely possible!

Although Bet Angel is primarily designed for Microsoft Windows, there’s a world of possibilities for accessing it on different platforms like iOS on a Mac, or even your Apple iPhone. Let’s dive into the exciting options available to make this happen!

Run 'Bootcamp' and install windows on your (Intel) Mac

If you have an Intel-based Mac, you can use ‘Bootcamp’, accessible via Finder. Note that this option is not available for Apple Silicon-based devices like the M1, M2, or M3.

For those with an Intel Mac, find ‘Bootcamp Assistant’ and use it to install Windows. You’ll need to purchase a Windows license, which is quite affordable these days. Feel free to contact our support for help with getting an official license.

Once Bootcamp is set up, your Mac or MacBook will ask which operating system to boot into at startup. You can’t use both operating systems simultaneously, but switching between them is easy—either reboot or use the Bootcamp app in the taskbar.

This method is perfect for Mac users who want the flexibility of using Windows when necessary.

Use a virtual private server (VPS)

Using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers numerous advantages for Betfair trading. It’s compatible with various devices, including Macs, MacBooks, Android devices, and smartphones.

With free RDP client software, you can access Bet Angel from any internet-enabled device, anywhere.

A VPS provides a constant internet connection, enhancing reliability even if your primary connection fails. It allows 24/7 operation without constant monitoring, acting like a desktop PC but hosted in a data centre. There’s no need to purchase a Windows license as it’s pre-installed.

The VPS is especially efficient on an iPad, where the Apple Pencil aids precision in betting. Plus, these devices offer long battery life, useful for trading or as a backup. A VPS also solves the problem of location restrictions, as it connects with a UK IP address from our data centre.

While slightly pricier, the benefits of a VPS, like low bandwidth usage and 24/7 strategy execution, are significant.

Learn more at  –

Use 'Virtual box' Software

Virtual Box is free emulator software that installs software on your existing Mac OS to allow you to run other operating systems.

This advantage is that you can run a different operating system from right on your Mac and flick between that and your other Mac applications. There is no need to choose; you can just flick backwards and forwards.

The downside of this method is that your performance may suffer a little. This is because you are running two operating systems on one machine, which is bound to have a bit of an impact.

This is my least favoured option, as there are several better ways of running Bet Angel on a Mac.

Use 'Parallels' Apple Software

Parallels, a popular paid emulator, includes a Windows license and offers a unique ‘coherence’ mode, allowing Windows applications to run seamlessly within iOS. Bet Angel performs well on this platform, functioning as an independent app in Apple iOS.

While it does use some system resources, the trade-off is generally worthwhile, especially for tasks on an Apple Mac or MacBook Pro. I use Parallels on Silicon devices without noticeable performance issues.

With Parallels, Bet Angel operates just like it does on a PC, with all features like watch lists, Guardian, practice mode, and other trading tools working identically. Data export and import are also the same.

In essence, Parallels lets you use Bet Angel as if it were a native Mac application. Find out more at

Bet Angel on a Mac


There are many ways to run Bet Angel or any Betfair trading software on an Apple Mac, Macbook, or other devices? There are several exciting options, even beyond traditional PCs.

I often opt for a VPS, despite its slightly higher cost, for its incredible flexibility and device independence. This means you can trade from anywhere, on any device. It’s particularly handy for automation, making it my go-to choice.

For on-the-go trading, I pair my MacBook with the latest generation iPad. Their synergy is perfect, especially for manual trading combined with automation. The MacBook’s gesture control is a game-changer, allowing swift navigation through different Bet Angel instances.

In case of emergencies, my iPhone is my backup warrior. With its larger screen, I can quickly access Bet Angel via a VPS to manage any critical situations. This setup has replaced my need for other backup options.

As a high-level trader, having all these options at my disposal is crucial. Hopefully, these insights offer you a good range of choices for your trading needs.